The pergola is traditionally a semi-open top structure.  Yet, building a solid roof for the structure has become more and more fashionable and useful.  Pergola roofing ideas range from large pvc roofing panels to the new metal roofing materials for the flat roof pergola.

Pergola Roofing Ideas Begin with the Flat Roof

The pergola roof to the left is flat, made of PVC sheets especially designed for covering areas like this.  The PVC material is readily available at most hardware stores such as Lowe’s or Home Depot.  In this case the PVC is white.  Note that although the roof blocks the direct sunlight it does not eliminate ambient light.  Some prefer the clear PVC which offers less filtering.  Others prefer the darker colors that eliminate most of the light from shining through.

It is worth noting that the roof line is on a slight slant to keep rain water from collecting.  The roof support is set farther apart than on most patio pergolas and was obviously designed to have the PVC installed when it was built.  This style of pergola roof is the least expensive and easiest to install.

The pergola directly to the left has a combination flat roof.  Part of the roof is designed for blocking the sunlight entirely while part of it offers a transparent covering that allows for full sunlight while still protecting the patio from rain or snow.

The basic pergola is made of metal and will withstand years of use.

This pergola addition was professionally installed and designed to fit around the corner of the home.

Depending on the style of home the pergola roof cover can be made of PVC sheets, corrugated metal sheets, or vinyl and metal can be used for the flat roof.

The Pitch Roof Pergola

When considering covered pergola roof designs most consider the flat roof style because most pergolas are originally designed with flat lattices across the top.  However, even a pergola that was designed with a flat top can be converted to a pitch roof when the pergola covering is installed.

The tile roofed pergola to the left is a perfect design of a pitch roof.

With four supports and a well designed pitch style roof that reflects the roof of the home, the patio becomes an outdoor room without the confines provided by a gazebo.

While the examples above are the most common types of pergola roofing styles, I have seen two others that I found to be rather interesting.

The first was a retractable patio awning placed above a pergola that was attached to the house.  Personally, I found it to be a little cumbersome in appearance, but it did serve the purpose.  When the sunlight became too bright the homeowner opened the retractable awning above the top of the pergola to offer more shade.  On other days with the awning retracted the pergola appeared as a typical structure with only the wood lattice.  It worked well for the homeowner and for those with limited space this could be an excellent idea.

The other example of a pergola covering did not appeal to me at all.  The pergola had an open lattice top with a roll across tarp.  It looked like too much work to get the tarp spread to me.  However, when rain is in the forecast and the patio furniture needs protection I suppose this is better than nothing.  Of course, I feel certain that this method of covering can be perfected by a creative individual.  I’m just not that person for this particular pergola roof option.







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